About the Director

He is a lamprey.

Lampy Lamperstien the 3rd hopes that this movie will make the human peoples cower in fear from the power of Lamprey kind.
This is his 700th film about eating people and he is very proud.
He is the father of 700000 Lamprey ammocoetes.

Sea Lampreys!

They are coming for your juices!

How can humans identify us?

  • Sea Lamprey: Petromyzon marinus
  • Lacking jaws, we have round mouths that form a sucking disc filled with sharp, horn-shaped teeth that surround our rasping tongue.
  • Our bones are made out of cartilage and they have no scales.
  • We are native to the Atlantic Ocean, but have invaded the great lakes via fishing boats.
  • A single one of our kind will destroy up to 40 lbs. (18 kgs.) of fish during our adult lifetime.
  • We are so destructive that, under some conditions, only one out of seven fish attacked will survive.
  • One way to get rid of us is for fisher men to kill any Lamprey they come in contact with
    while fishing in the great lakes.
  • We Are Coming For You Human Peoples!

About the Movie

This movie was made with a budget of five dollars!

Summary and Actors:

Starring: Lamp Pit, Christopher Swimming, and The Lamprey version of Christolph Walts.
This Summer, when Lampreys come up from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to invade the great lakes,
one man will fail at saving the human people kind from the Master Speices: The Lamprey!